Myhealth MyAfrica Rural Tour in West Afrikan Villages

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As usual Healthcare Volunteers go to various villages for Healthcare deliveries. This year 2023 has been one of the busiest years. From Family planning awareness’, Diabetes and Chronic Kidney diseases, Stroke and Breast Cancer awareness -2023.

REFLECTING ON THIS YEAR 2023: Prioritizing primary healthcare services can significantly improve healthcare access, especially in rural areas. This involves training more healthcare professionals and ensuring that clinics are well-equipped.

Infrastructure Development: Continued investment in healthcare infrastructure will enable the country to offer a wider range of medical services and accommodate more patients.

Health Education: Emphasizing health education at the community level promote preventive measures and early detection of health issues, reducing the burden on the healthcare system. We Encourage research and innovation within the healthcare sector which can lead to locally relevant solutions and improvements in healthcare delivery.

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Have a look through our activities.

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 My Health myAfrica Team met in Freiburg im Breisgau 9th July 2022 to create an awareness and invited most African migrants to enroll themselves in the health sector

My health MyAfrica Team met in at Freiburg im Breisgau on 9th July 2022 to create an awareness and invite most African migrants to enroll themselves in the health sector.

My health MyAfrica Team met in at Freiburg

MyHealth myAfrica Team – One of the Doctors living in Germany was interviewed during our recent meeting in Stuttgart, to discuss our success within 2021 and to plan for the next year 2022. The interviewer: Mrs Thelma Basil, Educationist in Freiburg im Breisgau Germany. Dr Nathalie Fokoua Akumawah an Internist and Anastatic Doctor in Germany.

This the son of the founder Solace Gawu. He took the second dose of the Covid Vacination in Germany. MyHealth myAfrica Team is therefore entreating everyone to observe the covid protocols and also embrace the covid vaccination. With this, we can combat the Pandemic.

 MyHealth myAfrica Team Public Speaker at the tshirt launch- Thelma B Germany 

MyHealth myAfrica Team Germany, had their end of year’s meeting in Le Meridien in Stuttgart Germany to discuss some of the Health challenges affecting women in the rural communities, especially the school dropout Girls and to intensify the awareness of family planning and the need for Girl-child Education

A speech by the District Chief executive of Anfoega District in the Volta Region of Ghana. He expressed his gratitude to the Team for the health actions and donations and ask the team to extend their support and teachings across the country.

The Community Health Nurses from the local clinics were present to help in the health screening

Health talk delivered by the team to the community.

The team pays their respect to the leadership of the community

Dance Perfomances at Tsoxor health screening.

This year’s January Health Screening @Tsoxor in the Volta Region of Ghana. A speech made by Dr Polycarp Chibueze Nworie of Switzerland. He entreated the folks of Tsoxor to make good use of the Equipments donated to them, control their blood pressures and blood sugars regularly and due to the bad roads connection to the main hospitals, they should as much as possible seek a physician’s advise and take their prescribed medications regularly.

Miss Angelina Appiah, a student volunteer Nurse on behalf of MyHealth myAfrica Team donated a Wheelchair to this bedridden woman in a village near Kpandu district of the Volta Region in Ghana.

Short interviews of the Community Health Nurses in the local regions.